AGILE MASTERS - an online Certification and Continuous Learning Program for existing and intending Agile Professionals, introduces a broader opportunity that gets explored by active practitioners and patrons of the Agile transformation drive.


AGILE PROSPECT connects certified and skilled Agile Professionals in a more productive and successful career environment to prospective employers and recruiters. Signing up to the AGILE PROSPECT career networking platform gets professional status promoted and grant professionals access to consistently review various employment / internship opportunities advertised by companies registered on the AGILE PROSPECT platform and interact with them, as deem fit.

The AGILE PROSPECT career networking webpage does not only support certified Agile Professionals to structurally network, but also creates an avenue for major corporations and organizations to publish their needs/job openings for specific fields connected to the Agile transformation drive. This helps in cutting down the hassle of having to go through some crowded recruitment space and sieving through thousands of unnecessary profiles/applications, whenever a job placement is required.

AGILE PROSPECT helps narrow down the corporate and individual need in this space based on qualifications, experiences, location, and corporate structure. Not only does the platform provide users with just anyone, it also provides corporate requirements/employment openings with skilled Agile Practitioners that possess practical experience. The AGILE MASTERS platform in general avails the opportunity for its professionals to also be practically experienced through the AGILE MASTERS Internship Program.

Connecting the world's intending and existing Agile professionals towards much more productive careers!