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  •  Broaden horizon on professional career path within the Agile industry.
  •  An avenue where major corporations/organizations publish diverse career opportunities to specifically network Agile Professionals.

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Benefits of Agile Masters

Some great features and seasons to be part of the Agile Masters community.

Individual Benefits
  1.  For people who have issues in handling assigned projects, Agile Masters discuss-platform is an avenue to ask questions based on the project and get answers from Agile professionals.
  2.  This is especially crucial for IT development projects because real-world conditions are unpredictable. Asking questions on the Agile Masters discuss-platform saves time, money and frustration.
  3.  Agile Masters continuous learning validates an employee’s or user’s professionalism in Agile practices, principles, tools and techniques.
  4.  AGILE MASTERS avail an uncommon opportunity for fresh Agile professionals seeking careers as functioning Scrum Master or Product Owner or Development Team Member to apply for remote Agile Masters Internship program, where knowledge in the practices and principles of the Agile methodologies, frameworks and applications are practically experienced at all levels.
  5.  Lastly, It connects you to a more productive and successful career environment to meet prospective employers, and recruiters through the AGILE PROSPECT career networking platform.
  1.  Organizations stand to gain more learning ability on software development through their already enrolled employees. They can always enroll their employees on a 6 month or one year subscription of continuous learning.
  2.  Teams asking questions about projects that ordinarily should be done in four months, will get done in a little more than a month with every needed answer provided on the Agile Masters discuss- platform.
  3.   With instructors breaking down questions concerning Agile and software development, it enables project teams to focus on high-quality testing and development.
  4.   -AGILE PROSPECT career networking webpage is an avenue for major corporations/ organizations to publish their need/job openings for specific fields connected to the Agile Transformation Drive to get qualified and certified professionals.

Added Benefits

Stakeholder Engagement

Agile practices provides multiple opportunities for stakeholder and team engagement before, during and after each Sprint; fostering high degree of collaboration between teams and the business.

Costs and Estimation

With Agile practices, increased visibility, predicting risks, team velocity and evolving actual mitigation plans become easily scheduled.

Better control

Agile allows managers to have better control over a project, to engender transparency, feedback integration and quality-control features.

Supports Robotic Process Automation at Scale

Agile practices give the flexibility and control to govern and develop complex, end-to-end processes at scale, efficiently and effectively, than a traditional waterfall approach does.

Faster and Higher Return on Investment

The Agile iterative nature of product delivery, facilitates the end-product to be ready for the market faster, staying ahead of the competition and quickly reaping the benefits. This practice also cuts down costs and time to the market, while increasing application quality and customer satisfaction.

Focuses on Business Value

To outline a product criterion, the Agile Masters discuss-platform teach users how to use their client stories to define quality outcome on focused-business, based on questions asked. As such, every feature is targeted on the necessity of the user, it doesn’t just deliver elements but value.