Agility is the key to staying at the cutting edge of a changing industry. A defense industry equipped with Agile mindset, conceive and approach the world and their assigned tasks differently from those who are less agile. In general, agile people have a propensity to seek improvements, are more willing to consider information that is at odds with preconceived notions, and are more willing to be different and take risks. Agile mindset create a set of conditions that improves the probability that a desirable (rather than an undesirable) outcome will occur and to change the conditions when what is expected is not occurring.

To modernize, the acquisition government program office needed hardware. It needed software. It needed a full range of infrastructure engineering, design, implementation, and integration services to support its rapid software development mission.

Agile Methodology demand quicker responses, more frequent delivery, the flexibility to

Once we’ve established that failure is a valuable part of the learning process, it only makes sense to do it as often as possible. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we set out to fail or that we try things haphazardly, but that we’re continuing to work the process and make adjustments toward our goals. Maybe an evening attack on the enemy camp wasn’t the right fit for a department. Can we try something mid-morning and see if we will capture the fortress? Maybe we need more infantry than airstrike activities. Let’s try unplanned attack and see what the response is. Maybe the families in our community are so overwhelmed that what they really need is permission to relate with us, and we need to look for high-invitation, low-challenge ways to serve them in the things they’re already doing. Experiment and see!

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